Since 1934, the Oliver Prior Society has provided a forum where school teachers can meet with members of the Modern and Medieval Languages Faculty at the University of Cambridge.

Today, OPS is open to past, present and future modern languages teachers working in both the state and independent sectors.

OPS members get together each spring to discuss matters of mutual benefit and interest. At our annual meetings, teachers can expect to:

  • gain insight into the latest developments in research within the University;
  • enter discussions over current undergraduate admissions procedures at Cambridge and beyond; and
  • forge links in local, regional and national networks with their professional peers.

OPS isn’t only for school teachers. Anyone with a professional interest in the teaching of modern languages is welcome to join. Members of the MML Faculty at Cambridge attend and actively participate in our annual meetings. In this way, Cambridge academics enhance their essential awareness of teaching practices at secondary level.

You can read about OPS 2015 here. For information on how to join the network, visit the Contact Us page.

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