The annual meeting was held at Jesus College, Cambridge on 22 and 23 March


Friday 22 March

2.15pm           Committee Meeting

3.15pm           Tour of Jesus College

4.15pm           Business Meeting

4.30pm          Inspiration for Originality: Molière and Desmaret’s Les Visionnaires, Dr John Cameron Wilson (Jesus College, Cambridge)

7.30pm          Conference Dinner

9pm                  The Admission Interview: A Light-Hearted Look at a Serious Subject

Saturday 23 March

9.30am            Renewal of the Classic: Gottfried von Strassburg and the Newly Discovered Carlisle Fragment of Thomas’s Tristan, Professor R.A. Wisbey (King’s College London)

11.30am          Catalonia: A Nation Without A State, Dr Geoffrey Walker (Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge)

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