Success for OPS means support for teachers

The Oxford and Cambridge branch of the National Network for Collaborative Outreach recognised the valuable work of OPS and its sister organisation the Sir Robert Taylor Society earlier this month with an award of £5000. It has been matched most generously by the Willetts family, who are firm friends of both societies. This is all-round fantastic news!

The award means that we’ll be able to keep supporting teachers who want to join us for our annual meeting, and to support them in new ways. OPS will make their share of the funding available to teachers working in the state sector who’d like to attend OPS 2016, but whose schools find the cost of travel to Cambridge prohibitive. 35 travel bursaries of £100 each will be offered in addition to the subsidies already in place to reduce conference fees for state school delegates.

If you’d like to apply for a travel bursary to attend OPS 2016 or would just like some more information about the scheme, please don’t hesitate to contact OPS Vice President Ellie Lybeck at