The annual meeting took place at Emmanuel College, Cambridge on 21 and 22 March.


Friday 21 March

2.30pm          Committee Meeting

4.15pm           Business Meeting

4.45pm           Poetic Prose in Rabelais, Joyce and Queneau, Dr Dorothy Coleman (New Hall, Cambridge)

Dorothy Gabe Coleman was a celebrated critic of Modern French Literature. Her career at Cambridge began in the 1950s when she was awarded a scholarship to study at Girton College. After teaching at Glasgow University, Dorothy Coleman returned to Cambridge and became a Fellow of New Hall, now Murray Edwards College. It might be supposed that the content of this lecture given to the Oliver Prior Society derived from the essay she contributed to a collection in honour of Alison Fairlie, a Fellow of Girton College, who had addressed the Society in the 1970s. Dorothy Coleman died in 1992. Her obituary can be read here.

7pm                 Conference Dinner

8.45pm           Lapsus littéraires, Professor T.G.S Combe (Pembroke College, Cambridge)

Saturday 22 March

9.30am           Literature as Game: Aspects of Playfulness in some German (and other) Prescribed Texts, Dr Peter Hutchinson (Selwyn College, Cambridge)

11.30am         Parsifal’s Wanderings from Wessex into Wagner, Bernard Biggs (Tonbridge School)

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