The annual meeting was held at Selwyn College, Cambridge on 21 and 22 March.


Friday 21 March

5.30pm           AGM

5.45pm            Ending the Myth: Pirandello and The Mountain GiantsJulie Dashwood (Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge)

7.30pm           Conference Dinner

9pm            A Recital of Nineteenth-Century European Song with Soprano Helen Deeming (Trinity College, Cambridge) accompanied by Duncan Aspden (Piano)
Programme includes arrangements by Schubert and Fauré, plus a selection of songs inspired by Italian texts.

Helen Deeming was a graduate student, later holding the Senior Rouse Ball Research Studentship at Trinity College, when she performed at this Oliver Prior Society meeting. She is now Senior Lecturer in Music at Royal Holloway University in London.

Saturday 22 March

9.15am            Kleist’s Michael Kohlhaas: narrative instability and Kantian uncertaintyDr Charlotte Woodford (Selwyn College, Cambridge)

11am             Inspiring linguistics through a cultural, content-led approach, Colin Baxter, teacher at Oundle School and Project Manager of the Aspiration Project – Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages

11.45am     ‘ What does woman want?’ Psychoanalysis in the contemporary French novelDr Victoria Best (St John’s College, Cambridge)

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