The annual meeting was held at Emmanuel College, Cambridge on 21 and 22 March.


Friday 21 March

2.15pm           Committee Meeting

4pm                  Business Meeting

In the course of this meeting, members passed a motion to simplify the collection of Society subscriptions: rather than maintaining the £1 annual levy, subs of £3.50 would be due every five years.

4.30pm           Cuckoldry or adultery: a question of genre, Dr Alison Sinclair (Clare College, Cambridge)

7pm                 Conference Dinner

8.45pm           The Journey of the Magi: Gozzoli’s Frescoes in the Chapel of Palazzo Medici, Professor Patrick Boyde (St John’s College, Cambridge)

Saturday 22 March

9.30am           The Tragedy of Corneille: Admiration and Ambiguity, Dr Jonathan Mallinson (Pembroke College, Cambridge)

After his Research Fellowship at Pembroke, Jonathan Mallinson went onto a University Lectureship and Fellowship at Trinity College, Oxford in 1989.

11.30am         Pouvoir sauver les apparences: Religious Toleration in Eighteenth-Century Germany, Dr Jo Whaley (Robinson College, Cambridge)

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